Improve Learning Outcomes with Microlearning

Improve Learning Outcomes with Microlearning

Did You Know?

  • Microlearning ensures 22% increase in retention of information compared to traditional training.
  • Learning in bite-sized pieces makes the transfer of learning from the classroom to the desk 17% more efficient.
  • Attention spans have shrunk by half over the past decade.
  • According to Deloitte, companies spend more than $130 billion on learning and development worldwide each year, however they often still find it challenging to offer learners a modern, mobile-based learning experience.

And That Is Why, Microlearning Matters

It is easy to understand now what bite-sized learning or microlearning stands to gain. In this form of presenting information, knowledge pieces are short, crisp, and more focused. The language can be informal, making the entire training more personal. Such kind of learning is appreciated because learners do not need to deal with cluttered information. They have the exact details they need to know and that makes the information easier to process as well. Corporate training and other L&D initiatives, employee onboarding, even LMS used by universities can effectively make use of microlearning and make knowledge comprehension easier for everyone involved.

Tools for Microlearning

If you are looking at creating knowledge-bites, do check what SprinkleZone has to offer. It is a nudge-learning platform, perfect for forming precise, consumable information that can be delivered in an equally interesting way. Furthermore, the platform makes it possible to analyze learners’ progress and provide feedback – critical for a thorough understanding of a topic. Some of the SprinkleZone users prefer it for the personalized nudges one can have for the learners, others go for its learning process that can happen in the flow of work. Either way, SprinkleZone can be integrated with various platforms, making teaching easy for any instructor.

Another tool you can consider is Skim-Thru. It leverages AI to navigate through learning videos and produce a Skim-Thru – a collection of Theme Clouds. Skim-Thru are absolutely context-driven as they highlight the core points a learner needs to be engaged with during a learning session. So just like SprinkleZone, this too is an effective mechanism to reinforce key concepts.

For instance, let’s say students are being taught the Periodic Table in Chemistry. Enough to worry several of us, right? Remembering the groups and the metal symbols seems like the hardest thing to do. Thankfully, not with the platforms we just shared above. You can explain the Periodic Table in simple statements, with catchy images, via SprinkleZone. You can also use Skim-Thru to generate a Theme Cloud of a YouTube video on the Periodic Table. These Theme Clouds or Skim-Thru will most likely carry words like ‘metalloids’, ‘periodic law’, ‘Cl Chlorine’, and more, depending on where you are in the video. Save and publish the Skim-Thru. The key words stay with you and the learners as long as you need. Knowledge retention has never been so easy before!

Microlearning can make for a great seamless learning experience. And it is bound to resonate with the learners around us. As Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup says, “The only way to win is to learn faster than anyone else.” We couldn’t agree more.

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